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Welcome to the Finnish Folklore LibGuide at the Library of the Finnish Literature Society (SKS).

The guide is designed to help you find translated printed materials and e-resources related to Finnish folklore and to Kalevala, our national epic.

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If you are looking for information sources in folklore studies in general, please consult our LibGuide Folkloristiikka (in Finnish).

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SKS Library - Library of the Finnish Literature Society

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The Library is located in the main building of the Finnish Literature Society - SKS.

The Library of the Finnish Literature Society (SKS) is a research library, specializing in cultural research and Finnish literature. Finnish folklore is one of the main subject matters of our library collections. In addition to Finnish materials, we have research literature in the fields of folkloristics, ethnology, cultural anthropology and religious studies from all over the world. The library is open to everyone.

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) is the original publisher of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. SKS promotes the advancement of a diverse Finnish culture. The work is based on up-to-date knowledge and understanding about the roots of the culture and the contemporary profile of a multicultural and multilingual Finland. For further information, please visit our website.

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